Temperatura Chicago

Current temperatura Chicago ( in Celsius ) will be shown in few seconds, and forecast for next 9 days, with highest and lowest daily temperature. Climate of Chicago is classified as humid continental. All four seasons are distinctly represented in Chicago: wet springs, hot and humid summers, pleasant autumns and very cold winters. Annual precipitation is average with 36.89 per inch. The lowest points are in January and February, and the highest are in May and June. Annual average temperature in Chicago is 50 °F.

Unofficial highest temperature, ever recorded, in Chicago is 109 °F on July 24th, 1934 at Midway Airport. The official highest temperature recorded is 105 °F, at the University of Chicago near water front and it is the highest official temperature ever recorded in the city. The coldest temperature ever recorded is -27 °F at O’Hare Airport on January 20th, 1985. Chicago is also known as the “windy city” with average speeds of wind, in range from 8 miles per hour up to 12 miles per hour.

Temperatura Chicago in Celsius

Chicago ( Čikago )


Max: 19°C / Min: 7°C
  • trenutna temperatura subjektivno: 21°C
  • pritisak / tlak / pressure: 1030 mb
  • vlažnost / humidity: 39%
  • brzina vetra / wind speed: 1 m/s
  • 04.10 23°C / 9°C
  • 05.10 24°C / 13°C
  • 06.10 20°C / 5°C
  • 07.10 12°C / 2°C
  • 08.10 13°C / 4°C
  • 09.10 18°C / 9°C
  • 10.10 19°C / 11°C
  • 11.10 21°C / 9°C
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